After a long long plan across all over the holidays, we finally went out to Black river falls for a combined outing with both teams from Appleton, WI and Minneapolis, MN.

Route from Appleton/MN to Black river falls

It was terribly cold when we started from Appleton, with temperature touching as low as -7 F(-22 C). This is the first time I am noticing that my car can show temperature even in negative


we were a little bit delayed to start with some last minute office work. ūüôĀ It was a 3 hr drive from Appleton.

I had a good non-veg food all thru the weekend and thanks to all non-veg samayal people (Anitha, Akila, Vidya and Suganya for keeping all kids busy not letting them to disturb cooking people) for keeping me occupied with food all time.

We’ll ¬†first have a round of intro to all those who came.


I just missed Abhishek and Shweta…

It was good to have a big group under one roof. We went to tubing on Saturday here. It was my first visit to a ski resort. Shame on me in not going to a ski resort living in snow covered Appleton for more than a year. Anyway, tubing was fun.

It was the second winter for my little angel, the first year being in Hartford, CT. Below is the picture of first outing to Susquehanna, PA in 2008 on left and the second outing to Black river falls, WI in 2010 on right.  Refer here for pics from that trip.

Now here is Rajitha one year after in Black river falls, WI

Trip also included a visit to the nearby Casino at Baraboo. Played Roulette for around 3 hrs and didn’t gain much but was total fun…

You can view all the pics of this trip in my picasa Album.

Here is everyone who came in to the trip.

My Likes:
1. Location was really good
2. Everyone contributed to the success of the trip
3. Big common bedroom. I was able to talk to all people all thru the nite. Seshu got the name “Cheezu” infact on saturday nite.Ask him for further explanations.
4. We went to an outdoor event
5. No cell coverage/internet and that is like being in a seperate world.
6. Interaction with Minneapolis folks especially Abhishek and Vidya which is really needed for a better communication between us. Thanks to both of them for making to the trip.

My Dislikes:
1. Not enough time; probably need 3 days atleast.
2. Frequent kadankaran(property owner) thollai.
3. No interaction between veg and non-veg group.
4. Should have had a hot tub bath and a fire pit; but did not due to lack of time
5. Hated to reach Appleton before sunset.
6. No common discussion time between everyone. Most of them were deply sunk with movies

Before leaving this site, put in your comments on what did u liked most in this trip and what you didn’t like in this trip. We’ll try to do better in our next trip.


  1. Trip seems to be great … but should always remember that when you are driving at 60 mph and -7 deg F.. definitely.. you should watch out the icy road and not take pictures of your speedometer ūüôā

  2. You seem to have echoed what we could have done better. Every trip is a learning for us, and we will do much better next time
    The missing folks (Bijoe, Mohan, Raghavan, Dipti and Ashok) were definitely missed. I hope not to have missed anyone.

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