Magic Jack is a little USB device, which you can hook it up to your computer’s USB port to make calls to any home telephones. To use it, connect Magic Jack to your computer’s USB port, plug a home phone to the RJ11 port (phone jack) of Magic Jack and the software on it will load automatically to let you dial your numbers for making calls.

Magic Jack costs you only $39.95 for the first year and $19.95 for subsequent years. It’s a complete phone service that comes with a phone number, that you can make local and long distance calls. Besides, it includes free voicemail service for receiving messages whether you’re offline or online. Some other common services seen in phone services such as caller ID, call waiting, free directory assistance, call forwarding, free three way calling, and 911 are also included with Magic Jack.

The magic jack will work anywhere in the world. The only caveat is you can only receive a US number. It is NO DIFFERENT than having a home phone, you just have to be home to use it. Hook up a corldless phone if you don’t want to be next to the computer.

There are a couple of problems:
1. The computer has to be on at all times to receive live calls (although the magic jack works while the HD is in hibernation) – if the computer is turned off, the magic jack server will send all incoming calls to your voicemail
2. You MUST have a broadband connection or better
3. You cannot be uploading or downloading anything while on a call (sound breaks apart), so this is not good for families with kids on the computer all the time
4. The new firmware has vastly improved the quality of calls, but it is still flawed, generally because it relies on the quality of your broadband connection (i.e. sometimes cracks and breaks up)
5. You can’t port your existing telephone number YET, you CAN get a new number in your area code (at least if you live in a city)

There is a solution right now if you want a magic jack AND you want to keep your existing phone number and be able to receive incoming calls from your current number:

You can “PARK” your existing telephone number at . When people call your telephone number, the call will be forwarded to your magic jack, so you get to keep your number and still receive calls.
This is a great temporary solution until magic jack receives their license to port your number.

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